Time to Get Back on Track!

ONtrack2There is no time like the present to get back to your goals and finish your certification or specialization before the crush of end-of-the-year responsibilities. Take a few steps now, start moving forward, and you will be able to check off one of your professional achievements before you know it.

Join the CTA Online Study Group
Starts September 4 at Noon EDT
Mark McMullen, CTC, is ready to help guide you through the eight core courses common to everyone in the CTA program. This is a great opportunity to join other CTA candidates and Mark in a lively program that will bring you that much closer to finishing your studies.

Have no fear … Restart is here!
If you have started a certification program, but you were sidetracked, you can get a set of fresh materials and a new completion date. It is like wiping the slate clean. CTA candidates can choose new materials in either ebook (PDF) or traditional book format. CTC and CTIE candidates will be studying online, with CTC candidates choosing one of our new majors to create a more personal experience.

Choose your test date!
If the only thing standing between you and your certification or specialist designation is taking the test … our Test Request Form is ready to receive your information and our testing department is eager to get the online test code and instructions to your proctor.

Mark December 5th on your calendar if your goal is to start 2015 with your certification or specialist designation. That is the date to have all testing and paperwork completed and submitted so we can guarantee that your certificate will be in your hands by January 1, 2015.

The “Promote Your Professionalism” Wrap-up



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We hope you had as much fun as we did in creating July’s month-long celebration.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this month such a success! From our ebook contributors and webinar presenters to the authors of the special editions of our Hot Tip Tuesday Newsletter and the Friday Five Blog – our summer celebration was FANTASTIC because of you!

If you missed anything, our wrap-up page has links to the recorded webinars, TwitterChat with Travel Weekly, and (coming soon) the winning entries in our essay contest. If you missed any of our ebooks on Public/Press Relations, Marketing, Social Media, or Mentoring, sign up for Hot Tip Tuesday this month, and receive all four ebooks as an added bonus.

DS Caribbean … Start Planning

Our popular DS Caribbean course has been fully updated for 2014 and is ready for you to craft unforgettable sunshine holidays. Knowing and sharing what makes a destination special is the key to creating lasting memories and repeat visitors. You can be that irreplaceable resource for your clients – start your journey today!

The BEE is back!
Later this month, the Geography Bee returns with all new questions based on the updated DS Caribbean course. So put on your thinking caps and get ready for a “change in latitude!”

Upcoming Webinars

13JudyAugust 5 – 1 p.m. EDT
“How to Sell Villa Vacations” with Judy Sweetland
FREE for membersnon-member rate: $19.99
Visit the bookstore to buy your copy of the Villas course.

b2b8ac5d6683aa1a593729ccf19b715fAugust 6 – 1 p.m. EDTMembership with The Travel Institute — What’s In It For Me?
Join Patty Noonan, CTC in a discussion about membership benefits and options offered with The Travel Institute.
FREE for everyone!

13MarkAugust 14 – Noon EDT“CTA Test Prep” with Mark McMullen, CTC
Webinar Fee: $19.99
Learn about the CTA test and what you can expect in respect to the types of questions, the testing experience, instructions for choosing your proctor and requesting your test. In short, everything you will need to take that last step towards CTA Certification.

b2b8ac5d6683aa1a593729ccf19b715fAugust 14 – 4 p.m. EDTLooking to Start Your Travel Career?
If you’re thinking of entering the travel industry or are just getting started, then you won’t want to miss this webinar. Let us help guide you in your travel career by providing you with the tools and information you need to succeed. Attendees will receive a special offer on our Trip Kit Program.
FREE for everyone!

b2b8ac5d6683aa1a593729ccf19b715fAugust 19 – 4 p.m. EDTThe CTA … Credentials that Matter in the World of Travel
Patty Noonan, CTC, will explain how front line travel professionals can learn how to close more sales, improve efficiency, expand geography knowledge and fine-tune customer service skills, all while earning widely recognized industry credentials.
FREE for everyone!

b2b8ac5d6683aa1a593729ccf19b715fAugust 26 at 1 p.m. EDTThe CTC … Credentials that Matter in the World of Travel
Join Patty Noonan, CTC for a presentation on the new CTC and how the new course offerings are designed to help you meet your immediate professional needs and future goals.
FREE for everyone!

b2b8ac5d6683aa1a593729ccf19b715fAugust 28 at 2 p.m. EDTThe CTIE … Advance Your Leadership Skills
CTIE is all about giving you the tools to be an even more effective leader in your organization. Join Patty Noonan, CTC to learn about the exciting aspects of this certification.
FREE for everyone!

MoniqueYWellssqSeptember 4 – 1 p.m. EDT
“Paris – An Afro-Centric Perspective” with Monique Wells
FREE for membersNon-member rate: $19.99
Monique’s Paris course is now available in the bookstore!

DVogel14September 9 – 11 a.m. EDT
“Discover How to Use Instagram for Your Travel Business” with Denise Vogel
FREE for membersNon-member rate: $19.99

13StephanieOctober 23 – 2 p.m. EDT
“Fees: Yes, No, How Much?” with Stephanie Lee
FREE for membersNon-member rate: $19.99

Throwback Thursday

July 24Looking Back Has Never Been So Fun!
Join us as we look back across our our 50 years.
Take a peek at what’s in our scrapbook.

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