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Advanced Searching and Setup with RTM

Setting up RTM to save you having to search through your tasks is a definite must – otherwise the time savings you gain by using the program is lost trying to manipulate the data. Today’s video discusses some smart lists, searching and tips for finding tasks you need to clear (ahem, meaning they’re overdue.) Task: […]

Remembering The Milk (1.17)

After researching many task management systems, weeding out the bad ones and the ones that lacked complete features, I finally settled on Remember the Milk as the total task management system. Today’s video covers all the ways RTM can be utilized to bring your tasks into focus in all the places you need to see […]

Task Management Basics (1.16)

So far, we’ve looked at the various tools that are available and how to operate them. In this last week of Module One, we discuss the “why to use them” and how they can be applied to the task management philosophy of “Getting Things Done” – a book by David Allen. Watch: As I discuss […]

Scheduling with Others (1.15)

Using a cloud computing system for scheduling meetings and appointments with others allows you to tap into the instant availability of having the schedule online. Google Calendar has the built in-invitation system, and today we introduce a new application (free, of course) called Tungle.Me. In the video I give an overview of how syncs […]

Syncing to Devices (1.14)

My basic philosophy is to have ONE calendar program to rule them all. Within that program you can have separate calendars to manage and share with the different sections of your personal life, career and activities. The fact that they live side by side on one program makes it efficient and effective. Getting that data […]

Calendar Sharing and Importing (1.12)

Importing your existing events from Google Calendar is just the first step. After you have the existing events, you then need a mechanism for keeping them updated. The easiest way is to continue to use Google Calendar from that point on and let it be the controlling system. You can then share your calendar with […]

Google Calendars (1.11)

Google Calendars get better and better all the time. With the recent addition of Labs and advanced integration options in Gmail, iGoogle and now with a desktop offline option, the once “stepchild” of Google is now definitely a standalone program. Watch: Read: Google Calendar Sync for Microsoft Outlook Transfer Calendars between Outlook and Google Calendar […]

Offline Options (1.10)

Gears is a plug-in for the Firefox and Chrome browsers to allow information to be available offline – like email and tasks for example. To install Gears, visit Gears was designed to be used on both Google and non-Google sites. A number of web applications currently make use of Gears, including two Google products: […]

Mad Scientist Stuff – Labs (1.9)

Google Labs is the latest and greatest inventions of the weird minds at Google. The cutting edge stuff. If you’ve ever wished Gmail (or calendar) could do “______” (fill in the blanks) — keep checking Labs, and make some suggestions! Watch: Read More: Suggest a Feature for Google Labs