Destination Specialist

With the world to sell, many counselors choose to specialize in a part of the world that they enjoy, or that their customers gravitate towards. Our Destination Specialist programs span the globe providing you with essential knowledge for you to understand the destination as well as help you create the kinds of experiences your customers expect.

Our courses focus on the geography, culture, essential sites and attractions, travel tips, and sample itineraries that will help you create memorable trips for your clients. Along the way, your study will provide you with information to enhance the traveler’s appreciation of what they will be seeing, tasting, experiencing, and even help guide them on what they may choose to bring back for souvenirs.

We have study materials and testing in your choice of traditional book format or as a PDF download.
Alaska: BookPDF Download
Caribbean: BookPDF Download
East Asia: PDF Download only
European Culture and Heritage: BookPDF Download
France: BookPDF Download
Hawaii: BookPDF Download
India: BookPDF Download
Mexico: BookPDF Download
North America: BookPDF Download
Northern and Central Europe: BookPDF Download
South Pacific: PDF Download only
Southern Europe: BookPDF Download
Spain: BookPDF Download
St. Lucia: BookPDF Download

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If, after taking one of our DS courses, you have made your destination specialty an important part of what you sell on a daily basis, we encourage you step-up to the Certified Destination Specialist level.

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