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Membership in The Travel Institute is something that you do for yourself and to help grow your career.
Members of The Travel Institute are constantly improving themselves either by attending unlimited free webinars hosted by both travel industry and non-travel industry business speakers and in taking advantage of the high quality white papers created by those seeking CTC and CTIE certification.

ALL Members enjoy these benefits:
** Unlimited Webinars – join as many as you wish.
** Our Professional Educators Program – learn from the industry and business’ best minds.
** The Travel Institute Bookstore savings

Premium Membership provides these additional benefits:
** A library of online courses that are customized to your needs ranging from frontline selling to management.
** Access to all of The Travel Institute’s Destination and Lifestyle/Niche Market Specialist materials (testing additional)
** Exclusive Friday Five blog – the perfect Friday break – all neatly packaged in five bullet points.

You are invited to become a student member of The Travel Institute for only $40/year. Click here to learn about the membership benefits and to join as a student member today!

CanadaCanadian Travel Professionals:
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May 5, 2015 – 1 p.m. EDT
Membership with The Travel Institute — What’s In It For Me?
Join Patty Noonan, CTC in a discussion about the membership options offered through The Travel Institute.

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