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Are you selling your passion? Do you go to work knowing that you will be helping your customers go to the places you love or do the same things you enjoy? More and more, travel counselors are choosing to focus their sales energy on the destinations and activities that they themselves find interesting. Specialization is HOT, and The Travel Institute should be your first stop when it comes to learning about special kinds of travel. With eleven destination and eight niche travel courses to choose from – we’ve got you covered.

destination specialist library picDon’t sell a destination … recommend a destination.

Recommendations don’t come from just choosing a tour from a book, an attraction based on a sales flyer or a hotel based on a map location. It comes from an understanding of a destination – the people, the language, the culture, and why visitors want to go there. The Travel Institute’s destination courses prepare you to be a true specialist – to know the destination and to provide your customers with experiences that truly unlock the magic of the world around them.

Start your journey today with these Destination Specialist Courses:

AlaskaCaribbeanFranceHawaiiIndiaMexicoNorth AmericaNorthern and Central EuropeSouthern EuropeSpainSaint Lucia

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Got niche? We do!

Do you panic when a customer comes in to plan a ski vacation? Do you know what questions to ask when Sally and her friends come in to plan their “Girls Spa Weekend?” Whether you are just testing the waters in choosing a niche specialty – or you are well established, our course will help you know how to sell experiential travel. In addition to key terminology, you will get an overview of top destinations associated with a particular type of travel, and how to get the word out about your niche.

Ignite your passion with these Niche Market Courses:

Adventure TravelGolfHoneymoons and Destination WeddingsLuxury TravelSkiingVillas — Well-Being Travel


Don’t just stop your professionalism at the Specialist level. Many of our Destination and all of our Lifestyle/Niche courses offer the opportunity to step up to the Certified Specialist level. Through demonstration of actively selling and either an in-depth destination visit report or an experiential checklist; you will be able to let your customers know that you have more than just book-knowledge – you have first-hand knowledge about what you are selling.

Follow the links to learn about our Certified Destination or Certified Lifestyle specialist designations.

The Choice is yours … Where will YOU take your career?