The Travel Institute Publishes the 9th Edition Travel Career Development Textbook

Framingham, MA – The Travel Institute is excited to announce that the 9th edition of their Travel Career Development textbook and accompanying Student Workbook is now available for purchase. Since the first edition was published, hundreds of thousands of students have used Travel Career Development as a key to unlocking a career in the travel industry.

The book continues to be the principal core textbook used in travel school travel and tourism programs, the centerpiece in many agency in-house training programs, and an office reference for new hires.

This edition, written by Marty Sarbey de Souto, CTC, has been thoroughly updated with key changes that include addressing how travel counselors must adapt to the increasing expectations of today’s customers; the continued growth of home-based travel sellers; changes brought about by safety concerns since 9/ 11; and the growth of social media and how the travel and tourism industry is incorporating it in their marketing plans and budgets.

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