Resources for Educators

The Travel Institute values its association with all educators. Whether you teach at a proprietary school, 2- or 4-year college, or train staff in-house, we have a wide range of programs and resources to assist you in your goals.

The Travel Institute offers the nation’s foremost travel and tourism textbooks, designed to help students and entry-level travel professionals build a solid foundation to a successful career.

Travel Career Development, 9th Edition
Textbook (ISBN 0-931202-60-4)
Workbook (ISBN 0-931202-61-2)
Instructor’s Resource Manual – email for more information.

Exploring the World: Geography for Travel Professionals, 3nd Edition
Textbook (ISBN 978-0-931202-63-6)
Workbook (ISBN 978-0-931202-64-3)
Instructor’s Resource Manual – email for more information.

Travel Sales and Customer Service, 2nd Edition
Textbook Only (ISBN 0-931202-24-8)

Ordering Information:
Bookstores and Schools: Call Cornell University Press (CUPS) to order: 800-666-2211.
Individual orders: Visit our online Bookstore.