Travel Institute Webinars:

All our informational webinars are open to all travel professionals without any fee. Reserve your place early.

InsideMay 6 – 1 p.m. EDTThe CTA … Credentials that Matter in the World of Travel
Patty Noonan, CTC, will explain how front line travel professionals can learn how to close more sales, improve efficiency, expand geography knowledge and fine-tune customer service skills, all while earning widely recognized industry credentials.

b2b8ac5d6683aa1a593729ccf19b715fMay 8 – 1 p.m. EDTMembership with The Travel Institute — What’s In It For Me?
Join Patty Noonan, CTC in a discussion about membership benefits and options offered with The Travel Institute.

InsideMay 13 – 3 p.m. EDTThe CTC … Credentials that Matter in the World of Travel
A 30-Minute Session
Join Patty Noonan, CTC for a presentation on the new CTC and how the new course offerings are designed to help you meet your immediate professional needs and future goals.

InsideMay 20 – 3 p.m. EDTThe CTIE … Advance Your Leadership Skills
A 30-Minute Session
CTIE is all about giving you the tools to be an even more effective leader in your organization. Join Patty Noonan, CTC to learn about the exciting aspects of this certification.

b2b8ac5d6683aa1a593729ccf19b715fMay 22 – Noon EDTLooking to Start Your Travel Career?
If you’re thinking of entering the travel industry or are just getting started, then you won’t want to miss this webinar. Let us help guide you in your travel career by providing you with the tools and information you need to succeed. Attendees will receive a special offer on our Trip Kit Program.


Industry Expert Webinars:

Travel Institute members can attend webinars for FREE. If you are not a member and would like to register for a webinar below, click here. (Non members pay $19.99 each).

13DeniseMay 20 – 1 p.m. EDT
“Sane Social Media Strategies” with Denise Vogel, CTA
A 30-Minute Session

Steve176June 10 – 1 p.m. EDT
“Stop The Engagement and SELL Something!” with Steve Crowhurst, CTC
FREE for membersnon-member rate: $19.99
Visit the “Steve Crowhurst Department” in our bookstore to buy his great materials!

MikeTASS-150x150[1]June 16 – 1 p.m. EDT
“How Asking Meaningful Questions Can Position You As ‘The Answer’” with Mike Marchev, CTC
FREE for membersnon-member rate: $19.99
Get Mike’s Book “Become the Exception” in our bookstore today!

13JudyAugust 5 – 1 p.m. EDT
“How to Sell Villa Vacations” with Judy Sweetland
FREE for membersnon-member rate: $19.99
Visit the bookstore to buy your copy of the Villas course.

MoniqueYWellssqSeptember 4 – 1 p.m. EDT
“Paris – An Afro-Centric Perspective” with Monique Wells
FREE for membersNon-member rate: $19.99
Monique’s Paris course is now available in the bookstore!

13StephanieOctober 23 – 2 p.m. EDT
“Fees: Yes, No, How Much?” with Stephanie Lee
FREE for membersNon-member rate: $19.99

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    Could you be kind to advise where can I find the archived webinars – I am looking for one that happened about 2 years ago on HOW TO MARKET BABY BOOMERS !

    Kindly advise how I can access it !

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    Jalal Nanji

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