Getting Started with the TRIPKit

How long have you been telling yourself that you would like to work in the travel industry?
Did you know that getting started isn’t as difficult as you might think?

Beyond the counselors who help travelers plan their trips, there are the countless individuals who help make those travel plans a reality – including reservation agents, hoteliers, tour escorts and ship personnel. While they all have different roles, most start out with the same core skills of customer service, destination knowledge and sales techniques.

While there are many routes to attaining these skills, The Travel Institute offers strong foundational training at a reasonable cost in the form of its popular Travel Introductory Program – the TRIPKit.

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The key resources in this “Box of Books” provide the building blocks for your future in travel.

The TRIPKit curriculum is contained in two college-level textbooks and their companion workbooks to help you master the material. Travel Career Development is the cornerstone of the program. Adopted by a number of college programs, you will learn the art of selling travel, they keys to servicing customers, the variety of experiences you may be selling, as well as the myriad directions your career in travel can take you.

Exploring the World opens the world to you like no other geography course you have experienced. While the “science” of geography is unavoidable, you will see the world as travel-folks see it – as a kaleidoscope of places, people and experiences just waiting to be sampled.

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Self-paced means the TRIPKit study program fits into your life, not you to it.

You control how quickly you study the material. The Reading Guide for the course offers plans for nine, eighteen and even 33 weeks of study – but ultimately you decide your study schedule. Weekly check-ins or required online sessions aren’t part of the process.

Treating you like a professional from the day you enroll.

Your TRIPKit purchase includes six months of Basic Membership with The Travel Institute –granting you access to professional webinars and discussion boards right away so you can get a taste of the industry now! Following the initial six-months, you will have the opportunity to continue Basic Membership, or step up to Premium Membership with access to additional benefits, learning opportunities and experiences.

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March 24 – 3 p.m. ESTGetting Started…. Preparing for a Career in Travel

If you still have questions about entering the travel industry you won’t want to miss this webinar. Let Patty Noonan, CTC (pictured) answer your questions and provide some advice as you explore and start your travel career.

Upon completing your studies, you will have the opportunity to take the Travel Agent Proficiency (or TAP) test and earn your first industry-recognized designation. In travel, professional certification comes after a period of work experience, so the TAP test provides you with credibility as you seek your first position. The designation tells employers that you have mastered basic industry knowledge and “know what is going on” in travel. They will then be able to help refine your skills and train you in the specific ways that they do business.

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